Managed IT Services

What we want is for you to do what you do best, run and grow your business, we'll take the IT off your hands allowing you to concentrate on just this...

With Planet, you can run an efficient and innovative IT operation that scales and flexes quickly to meet your business needs. You can see our IT support packages for business by clicking here.

Our secure and cost effective managed IT services help you to simplify and optimise service delivery – with comprehensive 24/7 IT support, market leading platforms, and access to our expertise. As a highly accredited partner, we are capable of delivering a complete service, from supporting and developing your IT strategy to implementing projects which maintain and optimise the whole business.

Hardware and Infrastructure

Although your infrastructure is all but invisible to the end user, it is the basis on which reliable user experiences are built.

At Planet Intelligent Technology, we combine digital experience and infrastructure performance data to constantly monitor and improve the user experience – by delivering flawless performance, early detection and resolution of problems, and maximum uptime.

We resolve infrastructure issues before they impact service, using our sophisticated suite of Service Management monitoring platforms, powered by Machine Learning and AI.

Modern digital experiences live and die by the network they’re built on. Planet handles all of the complexity, providing optimum connectivity for digital services, offices, employees and ultimately end users

Security and Cyber Security

Data Security Solutions

Planet provides a comprehensive set of services around information security and works with leading global technology vendors to deploy and manage cyber security solutions.

In a highly interconnected world, physical data and cyber security are blending into a single concept with real-world implications. The pace of the convergence has increased as physical security vendors and service companies look to leverage the power of connectivity, and as the internet of things becomes a reality.

Planet Intelligent Technology take a holistic view of data security, aiming to build security into the enterprise at every level and from the ground up, rather than adding it as an after-thought. A layered approach to data security helps prevent loss or unauthorised access to data, while simultaneously making it easier for trusted stakeholders to support business operations and growth.

VOIP and Telephony

VoIP phones can offer businesses many benefits over a regular phone service. Monthly costs can be reduced significantly and they allow calls to be placed from any location with a computer and an Internet connection. The latest phones also offer many sophisticated features at no extra charge and is why VoIP is fast becoming the chosen technology for communication for business owners.

IP Telephony

IP telephony builds on the VoIP capability and includes a host of additional software-based features running on computers to replace the infrastructure of the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) which is the old analogue landline telephone system.

Our specialist Telephony Team at Planet can help you make the best decisions on wich systems and hardware solutions suit your business model best. We'll even help you future proof your communication systems for the future too...

Cloud Services and Domains

Whatever your cloud platform, our managed cloud services team can manage and optimise your cloud environment to deliver against your goals.

Our UK based advisory services, technical expertise, governance management and reporting will increase operational value, whilst our financial insights and automation control your platform consumption.

We believe in the continuous improvement of your cloud environment. We won’t take away the keys, rebuild and leave you with a huge bill. We’ll optimise your cloud, continuously and iteratively, as and when your business needs.

At Planet Intelligent Technology we administer many domains and provide a complete domain name service with full email provision and support

Managed Document Services

Managed document services (MDS) are services provided by us to optimise and manage an organisation’s document infrastructure and workflow for both printed and electronic documents.

Do you have a clear picture of your document output environment? Chances are you’re lacking this clarity since analysts estimate that 80 percent of business content is unstructured or unmanaged, and of that, nearly half is paper...

At Planet Intelligent Technology, we take a very holistic approach to managed document services and managed print services by improving the enterprise print architecture. We help you by aligning devices with your business mission and taking care of their day-to-day management with proactive and predictive service to ensure optimal uptime. Once in place, the managed environment becomes a conduit to unify print and digital information for streamlined processes and workflow. You’ll benefit with fewer devices, fewer pages, lower costs and improved knowledge worker productivity.

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